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A very simple but delicious recipe for a dessert without flour or eggs.

As INGREDIENTS you will need:
- a fruit roll @Frrrutiz (preferably family size)
- a filling to your liking: ice cream, yogurt, fresh cheese, dulce de leche, jam, almond puree, etc.

To make the recipe you have to

1. Open the roll @Frrrutiz of your favourite fruits.

2. Unwind the roll.

3. Put your favorite filling.

4. Roll it all up.

You can decorate your crepe with some more fruits, spices and take advantage of a tasty, fresh and healthy dessert!
Fruit crepe
A very simple recipe for a delicious and gluten-free vegetarian dish.

60 g olive oil
4 - 5 cloves of garlic
350 g dried red lentil pasta
60 g of dried tomatoes in oil (drained and cut into pieces) @Frrrutiz
300 g of fresh spinach leaves
1 - 2 pinches of ground pepper
50 g chopped peeled walnuts
1 whole dried cayenne pepper
3 teaspoons salt

1. Heat a pot with plenty of water.

2. Put the oil to be heated in a pan. Meanwhile, peel the garlic and cut them into thin slices.

3. Add garlic and cayenne pepper to the pan. Stir lightly. Meanwhile, add 2 teaspoons of salt to the pot with the boiling water and cook the pasta for the time indicated on the package.

4. Add the dried tomatoes, spinach, 1 teaspoon of salt and pepper to the pan. With a spatula, move the preparation for 1-2 minutes to achieve uniform cooking.

5. Strain the pasta and put it in a bowl. Pour the contents of the pan over the pasta, add and mix well.

6. Serve with chopped nuts.
500 g of water
400 g of pumpkin pulp (in 3 cm pieces)
400 g apple juice
400 g pineapple juice

1. Put the pumpkin pieces in the water and cook them for about 20 minutes. You can check if it is cooked to your liking by pricking it with a fork.

2. Once cooked, extract the pumpkin and let it warm for approx. 15 minutes.

3. Then reserve in the refrigerator for 1 hour or until it is very cold.

4. Put the cold pumpkin, apple juice and pineapple juice in the blender and crush everything until you get a smooth milkshake.

5. Serve in tall glasses.


Receta vegana, sin gluten y muy fácil de hacer. Excelente con nuestras pólvoras de verduras.

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