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Frrrutiz is a wide range of hand-made, low-temperature dehydrated products (max 45C) and a new way of eating healthy. Our products are gluten-free, without added sugars, vegan and raw food.
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Why Frrrutiz?
Concentrated healthy tastes 
High Nutritional Values
Our low-temperature production process guarantees that fruits and vegetables conserve their nutrients and properties. Frrrutiz products are rich in vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Such a healthy experience!
Handmade quality
All our products are hand made and prepared in our newly renovated workshop in Badalona. We follow processes and procedures that ensure high-quality standards. We respect thoroughly European standards of food safety. 
Innovative textures and tastes
Our different ranges of products will make you discover tastes and textures you did not know. Our philosophy and production process allow us to introduce regularly new products in our catalog, always with healthy and natural ingredients.
Vegan and Raw Food
All our products are suitable for vegan and raw food diets.
Gluten-free, no added sugars, no conservatives
We only use in our products fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, peanuts and nuts. And as we only use natural ingredients, forget about any additives, preservatives or added-sugars. All our products are gluten-free.
HOW Does our configurator WORKS?
Create your own Frrrutiz, as unique as you!
In our catalog, you will find the products that we have always available.  But we know that possible combinations of fruits and spices are close to endless, and we would like you to be able to enjoy the one you want the most. This is why we have created this easy to use configurator. Choose the fruits, add the spices and specify the quantities you want. That's it! We take care of the rest. Once the order is confirmed, the ingredients are ordered and your Frrrutiz rolls will be prepared. As a Frrrutiz needs some time to be ready, allow us a maximum of 72 hours before we ship it to you. 
Choose your favorite fruits
In this section, you can choose among a large range of fruits. The fruit proposed might depend on the season.
Add the spices and seeds you wish
We propose a large range of seeds and spices that will give extra properties and taste to your roll.
Indicate the quantities
Tell us how many of your unique rolls you would like to receive.
Me encantaría probarlos
recomiendo esos productos. muy ricos, con mucho sabor y que se pueden disfrutar en cualquier momento. Los rollos de fruta, los crrrukiz, crakers y chips se pueden llevar muy facilmente en la bolsa en donde sea.
muchas gracias a FRRRUUTIZ. Vale la pena probarlos y adoptarlos a diario.
Prepare your own Frrrutiz

You will find in our shop all the products that we have always available. However, as we know you might be interested in another combination, we have created this configurator only for you. It is very easy to use: just choose your ingredients and complete your order, that´s all! We take care of the rest. We will immediately order the chosen ingredients and will prepare your unique Frrrutiz rolls. As a Frrrutiz roll needs love but also some time to be ready, allow a maximum of 72 hours before shipment of your order.

Articles 1
Frrrutiz submits an application in EU H2020 call for innovations/solutions in Covid-19 crisis

Among the many challenges that the Covid-19 crisis is raising, the issue of food safety and food security of supply is a crucial one. In order to keep a strong and healthy immune system, we absolutely need to continue eating fruits and vegetables. However, these are perishable by nature and supply depends on availability of the supply chain.

These could be at risk in a long term crisis. Moreover, food storage in large urban areas is complicated by space limitation. In this situation, low-temperature dehydrated fruits, vegetables and variations with superfood, savory, suitable for most diets, rich in nutrients, that last months/years and take no space to stock appear as a suitable solution to the challenge.

Last Friday, Frrrutiz submitted an application for a project in the framework of EIC Accelerator in this regard. The subject of the call was solutions and innovations in the framework of Covid-19 crisis. We enclose a key slide of our PItch Deck. In Frrrutiz we believe our products can be part of the solution to this unprecedented crisis we are facing.
Frrrutiz submits an EU application in Covid-19 crisis

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