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4th February is World Cancer Day

We often forget that 1/3 of the deaths from cancer (almost 10 million in 2018) are due to the 5 leading behavioral and dietary risks, among which are the low fruit and vegetable intake and the high body mass index.

Frrrutiz was born with the purpose of contributing to public health, and in particular to the fight against cancer, by providing healthy plant and fruit-based alternatives. Indeed, by proposing 100% natural products, by drying at a low temperature preserving nutritional properties of fruits and vegetables, and by refusing to add any sugars or additives, Frrrutiz aims at providing healthy and fun ways to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.

And as each small step counts, Frrrutiz donates 1% of its sales to the fight against cancer.

All together we can succeed!
World Cancer Day

Since 1973, 5 June is celebrated on world sustainability day, created by the United Nations. To give even more emphasis to this event, the European Union created the week of sustainable development from 30 May to 5 June (deferred to sept/oct because of COVID-19).
It is a good time for us to reflect on our activity, our way of life and the impact we have on the planet. In 2015, 193 countries adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, divided into 17 chapters, ranging from education to gender equality or reducing the sameness in the world.
The instrument associated with this desire for sustainability for companies is called the global compact UN, which details how companies can contribute to each of the above objectives. More than 12000 companies worldwide have already committed to contributing to these objectives and are part of the program.
At Frrrutiz, we are very committed to sustainability, with the 2030 sustainable development goals and we do our best to actively contribute.This week we will reflect on how we can contribute to improving our world!

Frrrutiz submits an application in EU H2020 call for innovations/solutions in Covid-19 crisis

Among the many challenges that the Covid-19 crisis is raising, the issue of food safety and food security of supply is a crucial one. In order to keep a strong and healthy immune system, we absolutely need to continue eating fruits and vegetables. However, these are perishable by nature and supply depends on availability of the supply chain.

These could be at risk in a long term crisis. Moreover, food storage in large urban areas is complicated by space limitation. In this situation, low-temperature dehydrated fruits, vegetables and variations with superfood, savory, suitable for most diets, rich in nutrients, that last months/years and take no space to stock appear as a suitable solution to the challenge.

Last Friday, Frrrutiz submitted an application for a project in the framework of EIC Accelerator in this regard. The subject of the call was solutions and innovations in the framework of Covid-19 crisis. We enclose a key slide of our PItch Deck. In Frrrutiz we believe our products can be part of the solution to this unprecedented crisis we are facing.

Frrrutiz and Yolanda Pinós launch a cycle of workshops on healthy eating!

Frrrutiz's vision is to contribute to a healthier diet. Therefore, together with Yolanda Pinós, nutritional consultant and teacher in the implementation of healthy habits, we are launching a first cycle of theoretical / practical workshops from March 5.

The topics of the next 5 workshops:

1) Delicious and healthy dips (March 5, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Frrrutiz, Carrer Guifré 200, 08912 Badalona)

2) Healthier breakfasts

3) Snacks that benefit

4) Medicinal shakes (Detox, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory)

5) Dinners for a more pleasant sleep

You can book by email: customerservice@frrrutiz.com or by whatsapp at +34640182855 (price per workshop: € 20 per person).

Do not miss them!

Frrrutiz and Yolanda Pinós launch a cycle of workshops on healthy eating! 

Workshop no. 1: Learning to Dip deliciously and Healthy (05 March 2020, 18h00-20h00)

Some recipes that will surprise you with their flavor and texture. Recommended in specific pathologies, and that will also certainly surprise those around you! 

All kinds of advice will be given during the workshop and all questions or questions raised will be answered. 

1) Pumpkin Pate:
Properties: indicated in digestive problems 

2) Shitake Mushroom Pate:
Properties: indicated to strengthen the immune system 

3) “Dip” of Avocado, Turmeric and Pepper:
Properties: Indicated in cases of inflammation (arthritis, muscle aches, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia….) 

Tasting of all the elaborations. 

You can book by email: customerservice@frrrutiz.com or by whatsapp at +34640182855 (workshop price: € 20 per person). 

Do not miss it!
Come this Sunday at 7:00 p.m. to the opening of the Petit Apetit Bistro (street Nou 14, Mataró). Among others, in their spectacular Menu you will find our Nachos, Falafels, truffles and fruits !!! Petit Apetit, we wish you all the best !! http://petitapetit.cat

Frrrutiz commits to CSR and gets the exclusivity for East Bali Cashews products in Badalona!

East Bali Cashews is a company located in the heart of Karangasem, in rural East Bali. The company, created in 2012, not only produces delicious snacks based on cashews but also empowers local farming communities through sustainable employment, agriculture & educational initiatives.

By having a positive impact on their local environment and helping a rural community to develop, East Bali cashews gives an example of how businesses can be socially responsible.

In Frrrutiz we value this initiative and are happy to help their development in Badalona. You can check their website to know more about their activities: https://www.eastbalicashews.com/

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