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About us

We offer you a new and fun way of healthy eating. With Frrrutiz, focus on the good!
Welcome to the Frrrutiz Universe
The Frrrutiz Universe is a Universe of handmade dehydrated products made from fruits, vegetables, seeds, peanuts, nuts and spices.

You will find a Frrrutiz product for each moment of the day, either to enjoy it alone or as part of delicious recipes. We will be giving serving ideas in our blog and in our newsletter. If you have not subscribed yet, do not hesitate anymore!
who are we?
We tell you our story
For a better diet
Frrrutiz came as an idea to a Barcelona based couple who was looking for solutions to the unbalanced diet issues they were facing in their everyday lives.
Indeed, as a Senior Executive, Jean Andre was very often far from home, eating in restaurants and planes. With stress and lack of time, his diet became very unbalanced, which eventually had negative health issues on him. Tania, on her side, has also experience as Senior Manager and is passionate about her family and about cooking. She, therefore, started looking for solutions to this increasing issue of an unbalanced diet. Tania´s philosophy for cooking is to use as natural as possible ingredients and to transform them as little as possible to keep the tastes and the nutritional properties.
Fun, natural and healthy
From this set of circumstances Frrrutiz was born, as a consistent response to practical issues of today´s living style. There is a Frrrutiz alternative for every moment of snacking and eating during the day, and we hope our products can become a suitable healthy option for everybody.

Our hand made products are all vegan and raw food, and therefore conserve high nutritional properties. They are as well gluten free, as the only ingredients we use are: fruits, vegetables, seeds, peanuts, nuts and spices. We also add in some of our products superfood like linen, curcuma, ginger, spirulina and chia seeds.
Social Responsibility
Respect is the basis of any helathy and sustainable relationship. This is why in Frrrutiz we give utmost importance to respecting any of our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, colleagues or neighbors. Respecting our commitments and obligations is key in Frrrutiz.
Ethical Behavior
We are convinced that no sustainable economic activity can take place without an exemplary ethical behavior. To behave ethically means to respect norms and laws in place, acting always in goodwill and with the objective to fulfill one's commitments.
Transparency is a guarantee of quality, especially in the food manufacturing area.  We commit to being transparent with our clients regarding our products and our production processes. Only by acting this way can we improve and grow in a sustainable way.
Frrrutiz was born as a quality alternative to today´s challenges regarding our diet. We bet on very natural and healthy ingredients and a very low intrusive production process to bring new gastronomic experiences to our customers. This can work only if our products are of high quality. In Frrrutiz we value the job which is well done, and quality is a consequence of this philosophy.  
Healthy diet
We commit that our products will always be products with high nutritional values. Our target is that our products become real alternatives for all snacking/food moments of the day, not only because they are good, but also because they are healthy. We commit to continue innovating so that we include each time more superfood and improvements in our products.  
We are passionate about our job, and we want to do it each day better. Dynamism is a necessary and genetically coded value in Frrrutiz, and it reflects in our way of being and of working.  
Eating fun and healthy
In Frrrutiz, we want to contribute to a more diversified, healthy and sustainable diet.
Our TeAM
Don't hesitate to contact us
Founding Partner
"I am passionate about cooking and getting my family and friends to discover new tastes. I hope you will find in our range of products plenty of new experiences that you will love".
Founding Partner
"I am very excited about this project. I believe that our products are not only good and tasty but that they are also very healthy. I love the idea of being able to share them with you all".
OUR Boutique
 Frrrutiz Home 
In the heart of Badalona
If you are in Barcelona or planning to come, don´t hesitate to visit us! All our Frrrutiz products are produced in our workshop/boutique in Badalona.

We currently open our shop only on request. however, this does not mean that you cannot come to visit us or make orders. On the contrary! Tell-us what you need via whatsapp or phone and we will have it prepared for you so that you can pick-it up. If your order is higher than 30 EUR, don't hesitate to benefit from our free delivery by passing your order through this website.

Our boutique/workshop has been totally renovated, not only to give you the best possible experience, but also to ensure the highest standards of quality and food safety.

In our boutique you will find all our range of products, as well as other lines of products related to the Frrrutiz world.

We are waiting for you! We are on Carrer Guifre 200, 08912 Badalona.

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