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Sangria kit

Sangria kit

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Kit para Sangria KitSangr Frrrutiz
Con nuestro kit Sangria, podrás preparar en casa una bebida de tipo Sangria muy rápida y fácilmente.

Para realizarla:
Mezcla el contenido del sobre con una botella de vino y 250ml de agua con gas.
Déja descansar la mezcla dos horas como mínimo en la nevera (para que los sabores infusen bien).
Ya está!
Sirve la Sangria así o con cubitos de hielo.
A disfrutar (eso sí, con moderación).

Contenido del sobre:
Rodajas de naranja deshidratada
Rodajas de melocotón deshidratado
Rodajas de manzana deshidratada
Rodajas de limón deshidratado

Peso neto: 20g
Presentación: sobre resellable
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Discover our kit Sangria, a perfect way to easily and quickly prepare a delicious Sangria for you and your friends 

Very easy to prepare: 
Mix the content of the bag with a bottle of wine and 250 ml of mineral water with gas. 
Put the mix in the fridge and wait for a minimum of two hours (so that all flavours can properly infuse). 
It's ready!
You can serve it alone or with ice.
Enjoy (with moderation)!

Content of the kit:
Dried orange slices
Dried peach slices
Dried apple slices
Dried lemon slices

Net weight: 20g
Packaging: resealable bag
May contain traces of PEANUTS, CELERY, SESAME
Frrrutiz produces all its products in its facility in Badalona, Spain:
All our fruits and vegetables follow a strict cleaning and desinfection protocole in accordance with sanitary rules:
Nutritional value (for 100g of product):
Energy (kcal/kJ):
Total fat (g):
of which saturated (g):
Carbohydrates (g):
of which sugars (g):
Fiber (g):
Proteins (g):
Salt (g):
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