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Dried pumpkin

Dried pumpkin

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Calabaza deshidratada ChCalabazaGr Frrrutiz

Calabaza deshidratada en trozos

Prueba nuestras gamas de verduras deshidratadas artesanales.
100% verdura natural, sin azúcares añadidos ni aditivos.

Deshidratamos a 45 grados centígrados máximo, es decir que no hay cocción. La textura de la verdura es muy natural y el sabor muy concentrado. La deshidratación a baja temperatura permite guardar las propiedades nutricionales de la verdura.

Nuestras verduras deshidratadas se conservan largos meses y te permiten siempre tener a mano los ingredientes necesarios para tus platos favoritos. Utilízalos y consúmelos como consumirías la verdura natural.

Precio: El precio indicado es por 100g de producto.

Presentación: Sobres resellables

Propiedades de la calabaza deshidratada

La calabaza es rica en provitamina A, C e E. Es poco calórica y además conviene a los diabéticos, pues aun que sea dulce, sus azúcares se absorben lentamente.

Estacionalidad de la calabaza

De abril a noviembre.

Ideas de utilización de la calabaza deshidratada

Si te gusta la dulzura natural de la calabaza, prueba las chips de calabaza como un snack o añade los trozitos de calabaza deshidratada en tu granola o copos de avena. La calabaza deshidratada se puede utilizar para preparar platos salados como sopas, risottos, guisos.
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Dice of dried pumpkin

Try our wide range of handmade dehydrated vegetables.
100% vegetables, no added sugars, and no additives.

Our dehydration process at less than 45 degrees Celsius preserves the nutrients in the vegetables. As there is no cooking, the texture of the vegetable remains very natural and the taste is intense. 

Our dehydrated vegetables can be kept for months, which means you will always have at hand those ingredients needed for your favorite dishes. Use and consume the dried vegetables in the same way as you would do if they were fresh.

Price: The price is given for 100g of the product

Packaging: Resealable bags

Properties of dried pumpkin

Pumpkin is rich in provitamin A, C and E. It is low in calories and is also suitable for diabetics, because even though it is sweet, its sugars are slowly absorbed.

Pumpkin seasonality

From April to November.

Ideas for using dried pumpkin

If you like the natural sweetness of pumpkin, try the pumpkin chips as a snack or add the dried pumpkin pieces to your granola or porridge. Dried pumpkin can be used to prepare savory dishes such as soups, risottos, stews.
May contain traces of PEANUTS, CELERY, SESAME
Frrrutiz produces all its products in its facility in Badalona, Spain:
All our fruits and vegetables follow a strict cleaning and desinfection protocole in accordance with sanitary rules:
Nutritional value (for 100g of product):
Energy (kcal/kJ):
Total fat (g):
of which saturated (g):
Carbohydrates (g):
of which sugars (g):
Fiber (g):
Proteins (g):
Salt (g):
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