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Breakfast is an essential meal
Breakfast is an essential meal



Testimony of an active and always in a hurry high school student

Breakfast is undoubtedly for me the most important meal. In the morning, after a good night’s sleep, it is necessary to fill up my energy reserves to face the day well. Our body needs for instance carbohydrates to concentrate well and be active. Studies conducted at the University of Bath show that eating breakfast allows you to be more active.

Breakfast therefore plays an essential role in providing the necessary nutrients to the body so that you can start a day with energy and be able to perform all your daily tasks.

 For maximum benefit, I always try to have a balanced breakfast. It  usually contains,  for example:

 - a fruit (vitamin C and natural sugars)

- a dairy product

- a drink

- a cereal product (bread, cereals, biscuits,..)

In addition, breakfast is a good opportunity to consume fruits (remember that we need at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day). Indeed, fruits and vegetables  contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber that are good for your health. They allow the prevention of several diseases such as cancer and diabetes.  They also give us a nicer look and punch to be active.

Unfortunately, we don't always have the time to prepare a good breakfast. To tell you the truth, I'm always in a bit of a hurry to go to school.

As I do not have time in the mornings to prepare fresh fruit for my yogurt, I opted for dried fruit. Not only are they already ready to use, but I also have a lot of choices! In my kitchen I always have dried apples, dried strawberries, dried bananas, dried pineapples, dried blueberries, and dried plums... That way, every morning I can prepare what I most want. They are lightweight, occupy almost no space and can be kept for a super long time.

I give you a tip: to be sure that your dried fruits keep their nutritional properties to the maximum, check that they are dried at a low temperature (less than 45 degrees). That way, in addition to keeping their texture and taste, they will be full of good things!

Sometimes, if I really don't have time for breakfast, I take the dried fruit with me to school. They can be transported without problems and do not risk anything in my bag. I can eat them on the way or at any pause. It's good and it's healthy! But also check  that your dried fruit is free of added sugars. Indeed, fruits already have a lot of natural sugars that concentrate during drying, and so they are very good!

On weekends I also sometimes prepare festive breakfasts for the whole family. I don't know what your favorite morning dish is, but I love homemade buns, cakes, pancakes, crepes, and smoothies for example.

I discovered that I could use dried fruit super well and easily in all these recipes.

For example, when I prepare pancakes or crepes, I garnish them with cream or yogurt and dried fruit. My brother and sister love it.

If I make smoothies, I use dried and ground red fruits that give an incredible color and taste.

If I make cakes or buns, I put the dried fruit in the dough. As they do not contain water, my preparations are perfect, colorful, and original.

As you will have understood, I am a fan of dried fruits because they are very good, I can use them everywhere and are very  practical!  


In case this testimony has made you want to taste the dried fruits low temperature and without added sugars, Frrrutiz  delivers throughout Europe  (free of charge in metropolitan France, peninsular Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) its breakfast box. It contains all the fruits that our high school student likes: strawberries, apples, pineapples, blueberries, apples, and plums, as well as the strawberry and red fruit powder ideal for smoothies (but not only).

Other News
Some more news for you

Our vegetable crackers are made from linen and vegetables, to which we add condiments with species. 

The content of our crackers is unique as there are no cereals, and there is no frying or any other added fat. 

Thanks to our low-temperature dehydration process, these products are perfect for vegan, vegetarian and raw food diets. 

Our delicious crackers are a concentrate of healthy elements and ideal for any snacking moment during the day.
Dehydrating consists of taking out the water from food under certain controlled parameters such as temperature, speed and air circulation and humidity. Dehydrating at low temperature allows conserving most of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes and to concentrate the flavours and tastes.

In addition, with dehydration, the alkalinity of the ingredients is preserved. With dehydration, the size and weight of the food decrease significantly. It is very resistant and easy to transport, with a minimum microbian risk. 

By taking out the humidity, the product can last for months, in perfect shape to be consumed either dehydrated or rehydrated.

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